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IMAGINE... An Auto Repair Shop That Has All Of The Latest Equipment And Technology Necessary To Fix Your Vehicle Right... At Your Home Or Workplace.

Repairs & Services Provided By MGA Coupled With The Best Nation-Wide Warranty Available:

 Air Conditioning - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Heating - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Climate Control Computers - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Power Windows and Door Locks - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Power Seats and Accessories - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Instrument Cluster - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Interior and Exterior Lighting - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Check Engine Light/Service Engine Soon Light - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Airbag/Safety Restraint Systems - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

ABS Anti-Lock Braking System - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Battery, Starter, Alternator - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Steering Rack and Pinion, Tie Rods, Ball Joints - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Struts, Shock Absorbers, Air and Electronic Suspension - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Brake Pads, Rotors, Drums, Shoes, Calipers, ABS System - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Tune Up, Hard Start, No Start, Running Poorly - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Electrical, Electronics, Wiring Issues - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Pre-Purchase Inspections - Complete Vehicle Analysis

Body or Suspension Damage From Minor Accidents - Complete System Diagnosis and Repairs

Manufacturers Scheduled Maintenance

Lemon Law Inspection

Accident Reconstruction Inspection

Diminished Value Appraisal

Second Opinion

Auto Repair Consumer Advocacy

Expert Witness​

Much, Much More... 

 McNISH Genuine Automotive always delivers the highest quality parts and Master ASE Certified Service available at 28-36% off Dealers and fully licensed repair shops performed by ASE Certified techs every day!

We estimate jobs utilizing the highest quality parts available at the best price and provide a better warranty than any other repair facility around. Unparalleled quality, price, convenience and expertise. If you have any questions or comments or specific requests, please call us before going elsewhere. Our options will reassure you that we will not be beat.

Our warranty is the best in the business. Just call MGA when you have a problem with your vehicle, anywhere. If a part installed by MGA is within the warranty period listed on the invoice, is properly diagnosed and documented by an ASE Certified technician certified on the respective system, no outside reason for failure is found and the work has not been tampered with, we will cover the cost of the part(s). Warranty claim part(s) must be returned to MGA for full inspection and consideration. Labor performed is warrantied for 1 (one) year from date of purchase and also must meet the aforementioned guidelines.  All warranty repairs and diagnosis must be performed by MGA if vehicle is within 100 mile radius of Jacksonville, Florida. If warranty work is performed outside the 100 mile radius, once the warranty is approved, MGA will mail a check for the part price including the discount listed on the invoice. Labor price will be included if within 12 months of invoice date and parts were supplied by MGA.